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While TWITTER is in the frontline of controversy with Elon Musk’s tussle with free speech. In an unknown and undiscovered corner of the world, 1 super cop, 1 constable, 1 techie mom, 1 artist and 1 producer - all of the above, largely unfamiliar with this platform. Shake up the public dialog in the city of Pune, with meaningful, consciousness expression, using Twitter as an ‘unofficial’ front desk and providing democratic access for the public to productive information that would make them feel Safe.

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Due to the wide spread fear that Covid, Economic Instability and Isolation has brought into the homes and hearts, policing misinformation was tackled in a truly unique way. Under the leadership of Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta, originally an Engineer and one of India’s most resilient cop, cracking down on long pending criminal acts, activating dormant tough laws on a complacent second tier city in India. On the softer side, the Pune Police twitter became a tool to protect the mental emotional wellbeing of its citizens.


Ofcourse, Twitter as a platform has been truly problematic because of its Bots, the Haters and Trollers, but this team pulled an Aikido on these negative forces by finding a creative hack through the heart, engaging in leadership transparency and an unrelenting resolve to creatively pump out incredible content that gave skeptics no other choice but to start building trust in the police force of their city.


For example ; during the height of the second wave, many families were separated, and the epic online E-Pass resolution united loved ones, thanks to the platform’s design, the spontaneity of Gupta’s mind, and the involvement of this unique team that speedily collaborated to create content that mattered with great gusto and care.


The avenues of expression range from Puzzles, Artistic Photography, Video Campaigns, Bilingual Writing and immense engagement, including inviting one of the most prized trollers to the police station for face to face negotiations.


As the momentum and response reached 2.5 million new tweet impressions, this exercise grew to include a cake delivery, a viral 3 legged stray dog and recontextualized NYPD’s ‘See Something Say Something' campaign. This is to name a few of ideas that emerged from the numerous public complaints received on the handle, when the doorway to dialog was opened. Many such stories and interventions are prevalent in this journey,  proving the positive power of social media. Yet, another incredible story that lies invisible, as the founders of this platform struggle to protect its authenticity. In an unknown corner of the world, hearts, minds and souls, found refuge in using this technological tool in the most endearing and powerful way.


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