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Our videos are unique because we dont waste resources on creating expensive productions with many frills. 

We find a way to capture essence of what already exists

Our story telling is Authentic and Genuine


Short Form Documentary 

Aman Setu 2013 

Directed by Shraddha Borawake 

Production Manager: Aditya Rathi

Sound: Siddhesh Scindia

Cinematography : Rajeev Dharavath

Editing: Mayank Susngi

Original Score: Saagar and Aditya 


Promotional Short Videos

Short Videos for Podcast Hosts and Internet Influencers. 
With or Without Subtitles : For Instagram and Tik Tok 

This Video is an example of one of many snippets done for Ajna Center for Learning Podcast Promotions 


Video Editing 

Video Editing for Speakers and Influencers to make 

presentable memoirs of. notable speeches and movements.  

We love working with Inspirational Speeches and. have a great knack for intelligent editing. 


This was an epic and inspiring speech at New York City's First Gala to celebrate the Great American Friends of Rabin Medical Center. An inclusive cause in Israel that provides healthcare to ALL, regardless of race or religion, supported by some of the greatest legends of New York City and the United States. 


Viral Videos with Soul

  • Have a CAUSE you Care About? 

  • Want to Awaken the Public Consciousness with Humor? 

  • We can make magic in under 60 seconds with Quality Ideas, Campaign Concepts and Unique Public Service Announcements as our continuous commitment to Media Positivity 

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